The economy of 5T $ economy thus making us the 3rd largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity indices. The accent of any industrial growth of a country will lot depend on the industrial safety protocols being maintained by the Responsible Companies, so as to enhance and maintain their industrial productivity & safety standards.

Location of our Skill Development Centers: We have two skill development centers in Gujarat. One of our centers is based in Nanafofadia and our second center is based in Meghpar, near Jamnagar. At both of these centres we conduct skill validation, certification and training programmes for the electrical & mechanical disciplines. On the whole there are over 54 trades that are being validated by us encompassing: mechanical and electrical trades right now. However, shortly we intend incorporating civil engineering discipline as well.

Advantages to your organisation: Any company which conducts Skill Trade Validation for its employees takes a big step forward in ensuring the workers safety and in assessing the trade skills of their workers thoroughly. Better safety and trade validated industrial worker means; enhanced productivity. Because of trade validation the risk of industrial accidents are mitigated considerably. The process of skill trade validation is highly confidential and the data is secure.<

Our Unique Methodology: Our highly experienced instructors assess the individuals on 360 degree parameters comprehensively. Trivedi Institute certificates have unique QR code for employers to authentic the certificates from any part of the world. We undertake bulk validation, certification and inspection activities. TIST is approved Training Provider as per the Gujarat Factories Act, Section 111-A.


APPROVED TRADE LIST for Mechanical Discipline

1Static gas cutterStatic and Fabrication Jobs/Gas Cutter
3RiggerRigger-CES W/S Jobs
4RiggerRigger-Heat Exchanger Re-tubing
5RiggerRigger-Isolation Valve Reconditioning
6RiggerRigger- Rotary Jobs
7RiggerRigger-Static and Fabrication Jobs
8NDT Service/TechnicianNDT technician
9Supervisor (NDT supervisor)NDT Service/Supervisor
10Rigging Foreman/SignalerRigging Foreman/ Signaler
11Scaffolder(Painting Jobs Scaffolder)
12Scaffolder(Scaffolding Jobs Scaffolder)
13Supervisor- Scaffolding Jobs(Scaffolding Jobs/Supervisor)
14Static and Fabrication Jobs/Fitter Static(Static and Fabrication Fitter)
15Static and Fabrication Jobs/FabricatorFabricator Static/Fabrication Job
16Supervisor (Static & fabrication job)Supervisor Static/Fabrication Job
17Painting Job-BlasterPainting/Blasting
18CES W/S FitterCES W/S Fitter
19SupervisorCES W/S Jobs/Supervisor
20Insulation – Fabricator + FitterInsulation – Fabricator + Fitter
21Supervisor (Insulation jobs)Insulation Supervisor
22Supervisor (Isolation valve reconditioning)Isolation Valve Reconditioning /Supervisor
23Isolation valveTechnicianIsolation Valve Reconditioning /Technician
24Insulation- Lagger/ RiggerInsulation Lagger
25PainterPainting Job-Painter
26Supervisor (Painting job)Painting Supervisor
27Rotary TechnicianRotary technician
28Supervisor (Rotary Jobs)Rotory Supervisor
29Machine operator/ technician(CES W/S Jobs/Machine Operator/Turner)


APPROVED TRADE LIST for electrical discipline

30Technician(Electric Maint. Job PM, CM, RM)
31Technician(Street Lighting, Testing)
32Technician(Lift Maintenance)
33Technician(CHS Maintenance)
34Technician(Substation Electrical Maint.)
35Technician(HV SWGR Maintenance)
36Technician(O & M of HVAC Equipment)
37Technician(Staff Housing)
38Technician(CES W/S Jobs)
39Technician(Maintenance of VSD)
40Technician(Lighting Maintenance)
41Supervisor(Maintenance of CP Systems)
42Supervisor(Electric Maint. Job PM, CM, RM)
43Supervisor(Street Lighting, Testing)
44Supervisor(LV SWGR Maintenance)
45Supervisor(Lift Maintenance)
46Supervisor(CHS Maintenance)
47Supervisor(Substation Electrical Maint.)
48Supervisor(HV SWGR Maintenance)
49Supervisor(O & M of HVAC Equipment)
50Supervisor(Staff Housing)
51Supervisor(CES W/S Jobs)
52Supervisor(Maintenance of VSD)
53Supervisor(Lighting Maintenance)
54Supervisor(S/S Maint.)
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