The secret of six sigma

  • Six Sigma is a business success philosophy in the majority of companies. It helps a business institution to solve problems of the company with great success, but in most cases, organizations and management practices may not sufficiently use data to drive decision making (which is what Six Sigma is about, at many levels).

  • Six Sigma is a methodology that helps improve business processes by using statistical analysis. It is a data-driven and highly disciplined methodology and approach that ensures the elimination of defects in any type of business or organizational process.

This methodology can be applied to any type of business or even personal growth. It does not only help in managing business operations but also large cost savings.

Engineers generally work in complex operations which involves many different processes, people and projects. Utilizing Six Sigma methodologies can prove useful.

If used properly, Six Sigma methodologies help an engineer improve processes by eliminating defects and improving the quality of a product while also streamlining production and eliminating waste of time, money and resources. Six Sigma also focuses on adding value to your product for customers.

  • In a merit-based competitive corporate structure, the person with the best ideas usually wins. If an individual engineer who has knowledge of Six Sigma methodology, and is successful in applying it, it can make him a leader in management and innovation.

  • Combining these skills can lead to promotion and some of the most rewarding jobs in the engineering field. It can also help you procure attractive jobs and higher salaries.

A certification in Six Sigma provides lifelong skills that may not only help your organization but also enhance your career, enrich your skills and empower your self-confidence.

  • For engineers who want to move into management positions, these skills can not only lead to some of the top jobs in the profession but also make you a leader in driving innovation and change.
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