• The founder-promoter of Trivedi Group of companies is affectionately called as “Sh. PNT sir”.
• A self-made entrepreneur
• Who had dared to dream big!
• He traversed a long professional journey of 52 years with single-minded focus and created two successful industrial engineering companies:
Trivedi & Associates Tecknical Services P. Ltd & Pratibha Engineering Services.
From concept to employing well over 200+ engineers, technicians, managers and general managers over a period of 31+ years of business existence.
• At Trivedi Group of companies we take pride in servicing some of the world’s finest industrial houses of India.
• Now the Leadership of Trivedi Group of Companies is being run by second generation technocrats headed by Sh. Hasit P. Trivedi and Smt. Hetal H. Trivedi.
• They are being ably supported by professionally qualified and experienced core team members of the Group Companies.
• Many of the company’s employees/associates/ have been associated with the Trivedi Group of companies since its inception 30-years back.
• Sh. PNT Sir is now concentrating on addressing the societal goal of skilling requirements of unemployed youth in the selected districts of Gujarat.
• The progress of the country will depend on the ability of each & every member of society who is able to productively take care of the family & the society that he lives in.
• With the philanthropic vision of Sh. PNT Sir, the Trivedi Institute of Skill Development and Training (TIST) aims to achieve the above mentioned goal.