At TIST we treat each and every student as a budding professional and help them hone their skills so as to develop theirall-roundtheir personality. Besides, in real life industrial ecosystem ensuring safer work practices is a must. Therefore we would insist that each and every student keeps himself and his immediate working environment a safer place to work.

Therefore, we expect the students to:

1) Observe decorum and discipline befitting their personal dignity.
2) Resect the importance of time and use it judiciously to understand the concepts and hands-on-work programmes with full concentration.
3) Maintain and demand cleanliness in the campus.
4) Abstain from using tobacco and other such harmful substances.
5) Give due respect to teachers as he/she enters the class and during all their interactions always.
6) Be in class well in time.
7) Preserve and maintain infrastructure of Institute.
8) Desist from any activity in the campus that disturbs the environment with noise or external materials like posters/ flags or any unwarranted activities.
9) Seek prior permission of Principal for inviting any associate or doing any activities not pertaining to studies in the campus.
10) Show decency in behaviour and actions in the campus to maintain cooperative and collaborative environment.

The Principal and his team at the campus are always eager to meet the legitimate requirements in studies and other related matters.

We welcome suggestion and discussions in a dignified manner.

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